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Image of Tree Speak ogham - 20 corresponding staves (D060)

Tree Speak ogham - 20 corresponding staves (D060)


These wonderful ogham sets contain the original set of 20 ogham sticks, each one handcrafted from the traditional corresponding tree, shrub and plant type. Truly correct ogham sets are extremely rare but each and every type of wood has been gathered together to create these beautiful tools to divination. This set includes only the original twenty staves and not the additional five Forfeda staves.

We work and play in the ancient Celtic heartlands of Britain where the Durotriges and Atrebates tribes ruled in prehistory. These ogham staves are handcrafted ritual tools with real Celtic soul, something with real spirit and as each set is individually made, no two are ever the same.

Supplied with a certificate of authenticity, information sheet and a simple cotton bag for storage.

The sets contain one each of the woods listed in bold below.
Note: The alternative woods, listed in brackets below, are occasionally chosen by various traditions or paths which use differing woods from the generally accepted standards. They are available but are only used if specifically requested. Other alternatives may be possible - please email for more info.

(alternative: Larch)
(alternatives: Blackberry, Mistletoe)
(alternative: Broom)
Silver Fir
(alternative: Elm)
(alternative: Mistletoe)

"Off the shelf" and "Made to order" options
At Spirit of Old, we understand that sometimes it can be important to have a divination set created specifically for you and we are happy to do this. We offer the choice of having a set of "off the shelf" ogham staves from stock, or you can opt to have a set crafted just for you after you have placed your order which may take a few extra days. There's no difference in the crafting method, the sets are no different to look at, and the difference is simply that the "made to order" sets are crafted specifically to fulfill your order instead of being from our pre-made stock.

If you have a preference, please choose the option in the drop down box. If you'd like any of the alternative woods used to create your ogham set, please add a note in the message box during checkout.

Spirit of Old corresponding ogham staves - making the trees speak.

Size: 3.75 - 4 inches/ 9.5 - 10 cm (approx.)

Item no: D060

Postage and packing (as a single item):
Within the UK - £5
International - £14
For orders containing multiple items, the postage and packing costs will automatically be combined to help to reduce it as much as possible.

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